Rachel (aka Ray) and Stephen work together to design and create light up letters that offer the perfect combination of stylish decor, magnificent lighting and add a personal touch to any special event. Their combination of skills, ambition and hard work has seen the business grow from strength to strength.

Ray and Stephen could have sat down and written an article to tell you all about themselves. Instead, they decided it would be much more interesting to speak to those who know them best and find out what they had to say about the owners of Ray of Light Letters.

My daughter Rachel, is very determined and self motivated, she gives 100{ca823564161f19d71a38e18be677b57b78069f67b1e687afdfddab0ed8f57be7} commitment to achieving her ambitions. She has some incredible memories from her time at Leicester University and her current post graduate studies at Durham University, where she is studying for a masters degree while working full time and setting up her business in designing and manufacturing bespoke light up letters; Ray of Light Letters has truly become her passion. Rachel is an honest, trustworthy and hard working person, and whatever she decides to do now, and in the future it will be done with integrity and passion.

Rachel has a love of all animals, one of her best friends is Meka, her miniature schnauzer who she brought back from Canada after a 5 year stay in Alberta. She is the eldest of three children and very close to her family and friends that she has known from primary school. Rachel lives in the amazing City of York but is, I feel, most relaxed hiking in the Yorkshire Dales or previous to this snowboarding in the Canadian Rockies!

Mandy Walden

Ray's Mum

I’ve known Stephen for 15 years. He’s one of those rare people who come into your life and enrich it by being so selflessly generous and respectful. He never lets anyone down and always does what he say’s he will do. Stephen has a refreshing ‘can do’ approach to everything, nothing is too much trouble – he’ll do anything for anyone, and no matter how big or small he’ll fix it!

Nothing phases Stephen, give him a challenge and he’ll exceed your expectations whilst being so humble about it. Stephen must have more hours in a day than most people or he’s incredibly productive (the latter is more realistic, hey), he’s done so much personally and professionally and yet he hands down always has time for anyone.

Claire Harrison

Stephens friend

Big Names We've Worked With

Ray of Light Letters have worked with the Tour de Yorkshire Ray of Light Letters have worked with the University of Hull Ray of Light Letters have worked with Swift Caravans Ray of Light Letters have worked with The National Railway Museum, York Ray of Light Letters have worked with The National Lottery Ray of Light Letters have worked with Mercy Ships Ray of Light Letters have worked with Lincolnshire Life Magazine Ray of Light Letters have worked with Kuda Club, York Ray of Light Letters have worked with EDF Energy